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France’s Anti-Muslim laws could have inspired the attacks.

Posted by on November 17, 2015

Niqab veiled woman, Hind, 31, poses in f

When I first heard that Paris was the target of radical Islamic attack, I was at a bit of a loss for why. When the United States asked the U.N. for support, France was among one of the countries that attempted to block the Coalition from starting the Iraq War, so why would Isis target a western country that was not outwardly aggressive towards Islamic countries, the answer lays within. In France, which has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe thanks to its relaxed immigration policy and colonial ties to Islamic countries, has harbored reservations about the arabization of its country and set forth laws to stop public displays of faith. France has an openly secular government which extends its ideology to schools and public office, where open displays of Religion such as Crosses, Kippahs and Burkas are prohibited. This law seemed to be directly primarily at Muslims since Headscarves in Islam can be extremely important to there beliefs, and in France there has been suggested a complete ban on full body Burkas all together. along with that, there is also a presumption in France that people who move there should assimilate the local culture and those with foreign sounding last names are subject to discriminate. So, with the repression of civil liberties, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the attacks on Paris happened(I’m not implying that they were not horrible, just that there is context and possible motivations involved), instead not give groups such an Isis the credibility by targeting peoples based on ethnic or religious categories.

-Sam Goad

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