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Historical Meaning behind Liver Eating in Islam

Posted by on September 27, 2017

In my research of this topic, it appears that the organs of the body have different symbolic meanings. The liver, specifically, symbolizes wealth and is also regarded as the “center of anger and mercy” in the bodily form. It is said that consuming a liver will bring financial freedom and prosperity into someone’s life. The process of the liver being removed from the body is regarded as the “reappearance of hoarded money”. Within the text of the Qu’ran,  first food offered to welcome the people of paradise(heaven) when they enter it will be “the caudate lobe of whale liver”. Specifically this is mentioned in the hadeeth of Thawbaan, who is renowned as the freed slave of the Messenger of Allah. Some scholars have pondered the significance behind the first meal in heaven being fish liver, because the second meal is supposedly bull meat. The two are quite different, yet the main assumption is that the fish an aquatic animal which is “indicative of the essence of life on earth, and the bull is a land animal which is indicative of tilling the soil and earning a living, so the people of Paradise are given these two things to eat to signal the end of this world and the beginning of the Hereafter” (Rooh al-Ma‘aani by al-Aloosi).


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