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Alamut Castle

Posted by on November 14, 2017

This webpage article by Medium, gives a short, but detailed history of the Castle of Alamut, the epicenter of the Assassins. It first describes the original establishment of the castle by an ancient Persian King and further goes into detail about how Hassan Sabah found and took over this hidden castle. Within the castle under Hassan Sabah, there was an enormous library that was a center for learning sciences, philosophy, astronomy, etc. This article also outlines the work of the Assassin’s and how they were against the reigning Seljuk empire and their various assassinating campaigns. In the end of the article, there is a video and discussion of how to visit Alamut and details of it’s moderate, stair-climbing hike. The Alamut fortress is a fascinating piece of history that is still portrayed in popular culture today in video games and movies, but its history of its use is what makes it enthralling.


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