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Hate Smears India’s Symbol of Love, the Taj Mahal  

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German soldier charged with planning to kill top politicians in fake Islamist attacks

“A German soldier was charged on Tuesday with plotting to kill senior politicians because of their support for refugees and trying to make it look like asylum seekers carried out the murders.”

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US: NY attack suspect’s family ‘outraged’ by police actions

  The family of Akayed Ullah is unhappy with allegations against their son and the treatment of minors in connection with NYPD investigations.

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Mongol Rule in Russia

This video contains a segment in which the period of mongol rule over Russia is discussed. It gives an overview of how the Mongols conquered Kiev and how they subjugated the Russian princes. They allowed the princes to continue to rule as long as they paid tribute to the Mongol leaders. It also discusses the … Continue reading »

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How to Whirl

So it may look like whirling would make you dizzy or vomit, but not if you start slowly. There are three stages of whirling. The first stage is 45 min where you start with your eyes open and slowly turn, after 15 min go faster. The 2nd stage is 15min and you fall to the … Continue reading »

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Shrine of Rumi, Konya

This article discusses the shrine dedicated to “Mevlana” Jalaj al-Din Rumi, his life, and his contributions to the Islamic world, as well as the world wide poetry community. This article details the influential moments in his life that greatly affected his teaching as well as talking about his legacy and the rituals that are still preformed … Continue reading »

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The Golden Horde and Russia

This article discusses the Mongol and Golden Horde invasions of Russia and Ukraine. It highlights the way that the Mongols treated the native Russians and how they influenced the political and cultural trends in that region of the world. This article also talks about how the Muslims dealt with the Russian Orthodox Church and its … Continue reading »

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Sorghaghtani Beki

The “Mother of the Great Khans”, Sorghahtani Beki ruled as Regent in Mongolia and Nothern China after the death of her husband, Tolui, Genghis Khan’s youngest son. Speculation suggests that she refused a marriage offer from Guyuk (Ogodei’s son) to keep the throne for her sons. She exercised her power as a mother to raise … Continue reading »

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al-Ghazali   This podcast offers a concise summary of Muhammad al-Ghazali’s Incoherence of the Philosophers. Muhammad al-Ghazali was a major critic of the works of other philosophers. In this work he attacks various viewpoints of Ibn Sina, more commonly known as Avicenna. By criticizing others’ philosophies, he also asserted an emphasis on God’s absolute power in … Continue reading »

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Revolution and “ISIS” Flag, & Historical ties

The “parallelism” between Islam, the revolution and the Isis flag dates back to early Islamic beliefs.The black and white flag decorated with Arabic lettering which in translation means ““There is no god but Allah [God]. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”. It’s popularly interpreted in the wrong context, it’s not a war cry or rebellious … Continue reading »

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