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Revolution and “ISIS” Flag, & Historical ties

Posted by on November 20, 2017

The “parallelism” between Islam, the revolution and the Isis flag dates back to early Islamic beliefs.The black and white flag decorated with Arabic lettering which in translation means ““There is no god but Allah [God]. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”. It’s popularly interpreted in the wrong context, it’s not a war cry or rebellious phenomenon. It’s simply a declaration of faith and an an acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet used across Islam, officially known as the “shahada” which origins date back to ancient times. It’s association with with Jihad corresponds to how the flag is displayed and interpreted through media. This is parallel to misuse and aspects of propaganda in both media and for extremists purposes. Monochrome flags are an ancient tradition in ancient Eastern, Arabic, and Islamic tradition, and some people believe one of the Prophet’s original banners was black, according to the Quilliam Foundation. Modern jihadists therefore adopted this style to legitimise their causes (Gander, 2015). In retrospect you can mold a flag’s meaning through action. Similar to the confederate flag in America, some argue that the flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression, while others insist that it is purely a matter of Southern heritage and pride. The flag is not unique to the KKK, but we can observe them use it frequently for their causes, similar to ISIS with the ancient flag. It has been adopted for their own political and theological identity.

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